Welcome to dmv.social, a Lemmy community for folks in and around the DC, Maryland, Virginia to chat and participate in Lemmy!

Don’t have an account yet? Joining should be easy. Sign up here and try to log in a few hours later or the following day. If you get an error, it means your account hasn’t been approved yet and you’ll need to try again later – this is only done to ensure there aren’t any bots.

Be sure to introduce yourself in !introductions.

Why are you running this?

An open internet can be a good thing. I think it’s important to have a site for locals to discuss and chat. As major social media sites work to become more profitable post-pandemic, I’ve become increasingly concerned with the direction they are going. I’ve had a lot of fun meeting folks on other sites in the area and participating in local discussions, so I’m hoping to foster an environment for that on federated social media.

Why do accounts require Admin Approval?

I don’t want to host spam bots.

How is this funded?

Right now, out of pocket. I have zero interest in making money off this. If this instance becomes something you enjoy and you feel like you have to do something, thank me with a beer or coffee if we do a meetup in the future. If this instance is at risk of being shut down due to financial reasons, I’ll post about it well in advance, but hosting costs are fairly minimal for a server that’ll handle quite a number of users for a long time into the future.

Can I create a community here?

Absolutely! Right now the process is by request because I am hesitant to open the process up due to Lemmy’s limited administration/moderation tools, but I’m fairly open to almost anything as long as it’s SFW and doesn’t promote hatred. Request the community in !support@dmv.social.

How can I find communities?

Check out the how-to guide

    • @dmvsocialOPMA
      1 month ago

      To be completely honest, I don’t know what the tax implications could be for accepting donations and I really don’t think it would be worth the headache to figure it out. The server costs are like $45/mo right now (and the backups are like… pennies on top of that). If there’s a catastrophic financial event that would risk this instance I’ll let folks know well ahead of time.

      I’d much prefer folks donate to the Lemmy devs or the developer of an app you use :)