Hi Folks!

This post will stay updated to note the federation policy of this instance.

Generally speaking, the federation policy is open and ideally want to maintain this stance. We wish to allow open access to communities that operate at least closely to the Community Guidelines. I believe this to be the policy that’s easiest to deal with.

Instances and communities may be added to the blocklist if:

  • it primarily hosts NSFW content
  • the instance primarily hosts pornography or community contains and allows of pornography
  • it generally contains illegal content or content that could be reasonably deemed as pushing the bounds of legality
  • the moderation and userbase are very politically motivated
  • a host to trolling, bigotry, and/or intentionally offensive content
  • Causes a severely undue burden of moderation
  • it is hacked, breached, or used for spam


Hosting this server is a part-time operation and my concerns are two-fold:

  1. Due to how federation works, I believe someone could argue that content federated from other communities may count as this server hosting the content.

  2. This is a part-time operation with a limited number of community members helping out and flamewars/internet fights suck to mediate.


If an instance or community is removed, you may appeal in @support@dmvsocial@dmv.social and all will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Instances and communities removed for being hacked, breached, or spam will be allowed after the admins/mods rectify the situation.

As mod tooling improves for Lemmy, we may be able to revisit former instance/community removals.

Updates: 2023-July-11: Added link to Community Guidelines; Added justification; Added appeals section;

  • TheWoozy
    6 months ago

    Could you post the instance block list? I guess I made my account on an insurance that allows nsfw, because spent quite a while trying to join some dmv communities, but couldn’t, so I made a second account here.

    Maintaining a public list of blocked instances would be useful.

    • @dmvsocialOPMA
      16 months ago

      The blocklist (and allowlist) for any Lemmy instance is available at the “Instances” link at the bottom of each page.

      I’m concerned with allowing federation with NSFW instances because of potential liability. If a user creates an account here and subscribes to a community with NSFW content, content and the links to the content gets copied to this instance. Given that a number of states are pushing content access laws – like VA – I’m not wanting to push my luck.

      I’m open to re-evaluating this decision if it becomes possible to block subscribing to communities on those instances (which would alleviate my hosting concern) while still allowing users on those instances to interact with communities here.